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“Baptism” is a Greek word which means “to plunge”, “to immerse”.

It is the first and chief sacrament of forgiveness of sins,  and the “door” by which a person becomes a member of Christ’s church. Baptism also  opens the door to the other sacraments.

Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist constitute the “sacraments of initiation” by which a believer:

  • receives forgiveness of sin  
  • begins a new life in Christ and the Holy Spirit, and  
  • is incorporated into the Church.  

The rite of Baptism involves immersing the candidate in water, or pouring water on the head, while pronouncing the invocation of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (cf Catholic Catechism, p 867) 


Baptisms at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands

Parents who wish to have their child(ren) baptised at Holy Rosary are asked to submit a completed registration form as early as possible.


They should make an appointment to meet with the Priest at least 4 weeks beforehand.


At least one of the Godparents must be a Catholic, and any special circumstances should be highlighted in the registration form.


The Sacrament of Baptism is usually celebrated at the 8.45am Sunday Mass or the 6.00pm Saturday Vigil Mass.


The Baptism leaflet in the [FORMS & LEAFLETS] section of the website contains further information about Baptisms at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands. You should also be able to find a copy of the "Registration for Baptism" form there.

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