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Sacramental Catechetical Programme

Catholic Education for Children

Children learn the ways of the faith best in the circle of the family, and from the example of the family members, especially their parents.

Often, one hears the opinion that some parents “are not going to instruct their children in religious matters, so that they can make up their own minds when they are older”. This attitude sets the scene for a type of “spiritual stagnation”. Rarely do such children end up opting for a spiritual position: often enough, they simply do not have the background from which a meaningful decision can be made. We would never adopt this attitude in relation to the other areas of our children’s development.

Every person ultimately has to make a decision about Jesus. Such a decision is best made from a position of knowledge and experience. The religious formation of our young is very important, for only in its light can the conscientious, religious decision, which comes to every person in life, be made.

The Holy Rosary offers a programme to provide Catechetical instruction to children.

See the Catechetical Education Programme leaflet for more information.


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